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Want to Paint Your Cabinets?
DIY your paint job the right way - with proven techniques & supplies

Become a DIY Cabinet Painting Pro and:

  • Save thousands of dollars by painting your cabinets yourself.
  • Save time by having proven techniques and supply recommendations at your fingertips - no need to research or weed through conflicting advice.
  • Save yourself frustration by doing the job right the first time.
  • Transform the heart of your home with an updated look you'll love.

Before you follow a free cabinet painting tutorial online... 

know that most of them give BAD ADVICE featuring the WRONG PRODUCTS and the WRONG TECHNIQUES.

You could follow one of those tutorials and ruin your kitchen cabinets,  or end up having to re-do all of that hard (and costly) work months later!

Instead, choose the SMART way that will help you get the highest-quality paint job to transform your kitchen!

DIY Cabinet Painting Pro gives you the tools you need to paint your wood or laminate cabinets the RIGHT way.  This eBook and planner gives you step-by-step instructions, project planning sheets, product lists, painting techniques, and tips learned from professional painters to get you the best DIY cabinet painting job that lasts, and saves you money in the process!

Here's What You Get:

Step-by-Step Instructions

We take you through all phases of your cabinet painting project -  from preparation, to cleaning, to priming, painting, and more.

Complete Shopping List

We set out everything you need for the perfect DIY job in a convenient shopping list and also in each tutorial section - saving you time and money.

Essential Planning Sheets

We give you the tools to get the look you're after and keep the project on track: from a design planner, to a work flow checklist, and more.  

What DIY Cabinet Painting Pro Does for You:

Breaks Down Every Step of the Cabinet Painting Process

Easy-to-follow instructions ensure gorgeous results for any level DIY'er.

DIY Cabinet Painting Pro includes step-by-step instructions to make the cabinet painting process easy to understand.

Tells You the Right Products to Use for Your Cabinets.

No more trial and error to figure out what products will work for your wood or laminate cabinets.  We tell you EXACTLY what to buy to get a finish that lasts.

Helps You Plan Your Project

A customizable Master Kitchen Design Plan helps you pick the right paint color and visualize how your newly painted cabinets will look with the rest of your kitchen's finishes.

DIY Cabinet Painting Pro includes a kitchen design plan sheet, which helps you pick the perfect color for your cabinets.
DIY Cabinet Painting Pro teaches you how to paint your kitchen cabinets the right way, and features a handy work flow checklist to make sure you don't miss any steps in the process.

Keeps You On Track and Organized

With so many steps in the cabinet painting process, stay on track with a printable Work Flow Checklist to guide you along the way.

The printable Kitchen Layout & Numbering sheet will also ensure that you put everything back together exactly the right way.

Gives You Confidence to Transform Your Kitchen

We know that painting your kitchen cabinets can be scary, but you'll feel ready to tackle this project with the knowledge and tools we give you.


Hi, I'm Bre - the author of DIY Cabinet Painting Pro

As a lifelong DIY'er and author of the do-it-yourself and home decor blog, Average But Inspired, I've been painting furniture and cabinets for years. 

In DIY Cabinet Painting Pro, I'm giving you everything you need to transform your kitchen with confidence.  The products suggested are those with which I have firsthand experience, and the cabinet painting techniques are those I have learned from professional painters.

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a perfect DIY job - as long as you have the right tools and information.  By purchasing DIY Cabinet Painting Pro, you will get both of those things and make a huge impact in your home that lasts for years to come!

Don't Wait...DIY the Gorgeous Kitchen You've Always Wanted!

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Don't Waste Time and Money Doing it the Wrong Way 

When it comes to your kitchen cabinets...

Trial and error do not work.  Don't risk doing more harm than good by experimenting in one of the hardest working parts of your home.

Shortcuts do not work.  Tutorials telling you that you don't have to sand your cabinets or that you can skip priming your kitchen cabinets are leading you down a bad path.  Your paint job will not hold up.

The wrong products do not work.  With so many paint products available, it's easy to make the wrong choice and end up with a poor quality cabinet paint job.

If you're not properly informed and prepared, it's very possible that you'll make some, if not all, of these mistakes.  Minimize the hassle and regret by getting cabinet painting techniques and recommendations from someone who knows what they're doing.

Here's What You’ll Get...

  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Tips and Tricks From the Pros
  • Kitchen Design Plan Document
  • Project Work Flow Checklist
  • Printable Shopping List

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